Thursday, 24 January 2013

Restful services plsql database

To enable restful services from the database (apex) (not restfull services from regions) you must have configured apex listener 2.0 or the weblogic listener.

Enable RESTful services from database
1. Start sqlplus as sys in root-directory of apex
2. Unlock apex_public_user and give new password
3. execute @apex_rest_config
        Set password for apex_rest_public_user and apex_listener (same as apex_public_user?)
4. alter user <schema-workspace> grant connect through apex_rest_public_user

Installation of Apex listener (linux)
1. download listener software
2. unpack zipfile
3. install java (if not available) JRE1.6
4. Go to apex-listener directory (apex.war)
5. Define configuration-directory (one level below current directory)

java - jar apex.war configdir $PWD/config

6. Start listener

java - jar apex.war

The first time all kind of configuration information is asked
a. hostname
b. database sid/service
c. port number database
d. location of static resources (path to the images of apex)
e. port http-server listener has to listen on 

URL exampleservice
    http://<host>:<port javalistener>/apex/<workspace>/hr/empinfo/

De service zal default naar '1-ste'  schema gaan waar workspace aan gekoppeld is. Dit schema moet rechten hebben om om via rest-service nar buiten te gaan.

Als sys-user
alter user <> grant connect through apex_rest_public_user;

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