Thursday, 24 January 2013

Creating RESTful webservice in APEX

It's possible to create a report in Apex that works as a service.

To be able to define a webservice the administrator has to make a change in the default configuration of the apex workspace.

  1. Allow Restfull access
Only than developers are able to define a report as as webservice.  

  1. Create region
  2. Modify attributes 
  • Define a static id for the region
  •  Enable Restful Access, the url will be shown


The url looks like this:


app               = Application name/number
page             = Pagenumber
reportid        = Unique identifier report (defined at creation)
output           = Format (XML or JSON)
parmvalues  = additional parameters (value)

The value of <H01> will be assigned to the first itemof region

Use of multiple parameters:
First the values (comma seperated), than the items.


The values are assigned sequentially to the items of the report based on their (internal) ids.
So, H01 will be assigned to the item with the lowest ID and H02 will be assigned to the next item notwithstanding which region.

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